1. It’s been a long summer so far…

  2. Draper Street, Toronto

  3. Bright Street, Toronto

  4. If only this was a bit later, and those Sakura trees were in full bloom…

  6. Just happened to wander into the graduation ceremony for Hosei university. I’ve never seen so many ladies rocking kimonos.

  7. I think I’m going to form a club for weirdos who are mesmerized by the objects found on rooftops

  8. The most controversial place in all of Japan

  9. I really wanted to set it so that I also had a train up on that fancy looking bridge but damn homie no time for that.

  10. Convenience everywhere

  11. Foreground Shibuya, background Shinjuku

  12. Miami Beach

  13. Miami Beach

  14. My hotel room in Tokyo

  15. Jabba and his balls